Recovery without Limits...

Golive Back-UP is your school continuity plan.

Golive Back-UP delivers instant recovery from the Cloud.

It's your school's ready-to-use continuity plan.  

Golive Back-UP with built-in server & desktop virtualization makes satisfying your continuity compliance requirements easy. 


Using a combination of world-class backup and virtualization technologies, Golive Back-Up overcomes one size fits all backup limitations.  Golive Back-UP offers a unique combination of true cloud continuity features including: 

  • Cloud-enabled Windows 10 virtual desktops accessible via your Chromebooks, a tablet or any other device with a browser

  • Application performance that rivals your production network

  • Automatic end-user configuration

  • Centralized ongoing recovery management

  • Rock solid security

  • No required end-user orientation


Golive Back-UP cloud replication embedded with desktop virtualization, makes

cloud cutover continuity easy. 


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