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Recovery without Limits...

 Is your business continuity

ready for the real world?

Every major backup provider relies on  similar recovery and continuity model:

  • Local backup appliance with synchronized offsite/cloud data replication

  • Offsite continuity using cloud-based virtual machine spin-up.  

  • Production recovery using hard drive media to deliver copies of your server VMs for re-integration with onsite hardware.  

Simple what-if exercises quickly expose this model's unacceptable limitations. One-size-fits-all backup solutions fail to address vital recovery time objectives.


Traditional backup solutions fail real-world recovery simulations because of: 

  • Inadequate database and application performance

  • Limited scalability

  • Poor security 

  • Costly pre-configuration expertise and ongoing recovery troubleshooting

Your disaster recovery tests will illustrate cloud spin-up of your virtual servers yields little useful benefit without first incorporating extensive customization and pre-configuration. 


Existing backup and replication architectures are not capable of delivering recovery of cloud-based mission critical services  during extended outages. Unanticipated performance latencies and user configuration complexity can cut users off from their server data for weeks.   

Golive Back-UP is the world's only continuity solution truly capable of delivering  simple, scalable, "instant-on" cloud recovery.

Golive Back-UP's market-leading cloud continuity strategy eliminates cutover complexity by embedding client-customized, cloud-enabled Windows 10 desktops with cloud replicated backups to deliver:


  • True cloud continuity

  • Zero device configuration.

  • Near limitless recovery scale. 

  • Any device compatibility via browser-based access. 


Regardless of how long your primary site will be down, employees won't miss a day using Golive Back-UP cloud recovery built on Veeam, VMware and Citrix.


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