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Why Golive Back-UP?

Golive Back-UP is the only solution that delivers
instant cloud-continuity that truly works.

In a crisis, cutting over to cloud backups is anything but easy. It requires overcoming challenges involving:


  • Security

  • TCP/IP

  • Scalability

  • DNS

  • VLANs

  • Application performance

  • Bandwidth limitations

  • Hardware availability

  • End-user device configuration

  • Technical expertise

  • Time

Golive Back-UP is your organization's ready-to-use continuity plan. Golive Back-UP delivers local & cloud recovery using Citrix desktop virtualization combined with Veeam  Vmware, or Hyper-V to deliver:


  • True instant-on cloud cutover to your offsite backup.

  • User-friendly Windows 10 cloud-ready desktops. 

  • Enterprise class data security. 

Golive Back-UP's integration of Veeam, VMware/Hyper-V and Citrix is the key to achieving your organization's recovery time objectives.


Golive Back-UP provides all cloud replication and recovery services from our "Built-for-Recovery" Tier 4 data centers. This guarantees problem-free cutover and unlimited scalability anytime you need it. 


Golive Back-UP eliminates: 


  • Cloud performance latency

  • Cutover complexity

  • Bandwidth limitations

Golive Back-UP cloud enables your entire production IT environment and securely delivers it to any device, anytime, anywhere. 

Golive Back-UP delivers instant-on cloud continuity using backups embedded

with Windows 10 Desktop virtualization. 

True Business Continuity Powered By:

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